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Improve your poultry’s nutritional quality and yield with our research. We’ve seen positive results in all types, from broiler chickens to layers.

Understanding the Advances in DDGS Processing Technologies

Dr. Carl M. Parsons from the University of Illinois will provide webinar attendees with key insights into some of the data he has collected related to novel ethanol processing technologies and feeding values of the resulting DDGS, then relate this information specifically for poultry.

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How Has ASF Changed the Focus on Feed Safety?

Dr. Cassandra Jones from Kansas State University provides webinar attendees with key insights on management and mitigation strategies to ensure the highest levels of biosecurity in the face of a foreign animal disease threat.

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Wrinkle: How Do DDGS & Enzymes Affect Hen Rations?

Researchers from Egypt fed laying hens increasing amounts of DDGS with or without an exogenous enzyme. They then measured performance of the hens as well as egg quality. They observed that including DDGS up to 12% of the diet did not affect most performance measures. Similar to previous research, they also observed that increasing DDGS improved the yolk color of the egg. In this case, enzyme addition had little effect on hen performance.

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