Feed Ingredients

Dakota Gold’s diverse product lineup allows us to more effectively meet the needs of our customers. Animals require a well-rounded nutritional diet and each species has different needs.

At POET, we know accessibility, consistency, ration plan, cost and desired objectives are all factors in what ingredients are best for you. It doesn’t have to be complicated – let our team of merchandisers and nutritionists help ensure you have the right products for your operation.

In addition to Dakota Gold feed products, POET has a high-protein (50%) feed ingredient, which is ideal for aquaculture and pet food, visit nexpro.com.

Dried Distillers Grains

Our dried distillers grains are synonymous with quality, consistency and digestibility. Dakota Gold provides uniform particle size, high palatability and nutrient value to maximize feed utilization and performance.

  • Highly digestible source of key nutrients
  • Lowers cost of production for swine, poultry and dairy
  • Optimizes milk production in dairy cattle
  • Increases feed efficiency in beef cattle
  • Enhance yolk color in eggs

Dakota Gold Dried Distillers Grains provide a consistent, flowable, high quality DDGS product, backed by the research and innovation of POET – a leader in bioprocessing technology. Dakota Gold is widely recognized as a highly digestible, safe and cost effective feed option for swine, dairy, beef, poultry and even aquaculture. But don’t just take our word for it. We have the science to back it up.



Dakota Gold ProPellet is the latest product added to POET’s feed solutions. We take the traditional loose form of our Dakota Gold dried distillers grains and press it into a pellet form. This process ensures uniform particle size, decreased shrink loss and provides superior handling with better flowability, all while increasing feed efficiency. In order to meet your needs, ProPellet is offered in two sizes: 1/’4″ pellet and 3/4″ cube, to provide better options for producers.

Our product is also a great option for a wide variety of other animals such as bison, sheep, goats, horses, deer and elk.


Wet Distillers Grains

Our Dakota Gold Distillers Wet Grains feature uniform particle size, high palatability and nutrient value proven to maximize feed utilization and performance. Without the need for drying time, this valuable feed source is often times more affordable than the traditional distillers grains – and therefore an excellent solution for ruminant operations within truck delivery areas. POET’s large network ensures a consistent product and guaranteed supply every time.

  • Recommended for ruminants
  • Approximately 65% moisture
  • Safe, economic source of key nutrients
  • Extends life of hay and other forages
  • Helps feed rations stick together and locks in layers of nutrients

Modified Distillers Grains

Our Dakota Gold Modified Distillers Grains are a partially dried product which contains about 48% dry matter and is an ideal way to provide a well-rounded nutritional base while reducing your feed costs. Because the product isn’t dried or over-processed, the extra moisture helps feed rations stick together and locks in layers of nutrients, creating a desirable cake like matter. POET’s large network ensures a consistent product and guaranteed supply every time.

  • 48% dry matter
  • POET’s patented no bake process makes our modified distillers grains 32% more digestible than non-POET distillers grains
  • Our network ensures a consistent product and guaranteed supply
  • Savings on freight costs


Dakota Gold Corn Condensed Distillers Soluble (CCDS), traditionally referred to as “syrup,” is a safe, economical liquid feed ingredient source known for quality and consistency. In addition to excellent nutritional qualities, Dakota Gold CCDS is a highly palatable, economical liquid feed ingredient predominantly used in ruminant diets. Commonly mixed in TMR’s or blended with low quality forages, it provides a unique blend of highly digestible protein, energy and key minerals. A highly attractive, economical liquid feed ingredient paying dividends in animal performance and ration cost.

  • Recommended for beef and dairy diets
  • Excellent source of highly digestible protein and energy
  • Best results when used in total mixed rations (TMR)