POET Dakota Gold
Corn Condensed
Distillers Solubles

Recommended for beef and dairy diets

Excellent source of highly digestible protein and energy

Best results when used in a TMR

Quality Matters

POET Dakota Gold Corn Condensed Distillers Solubles (CCDS), traditionally referred to as “syrup,” is a safe, economical liquid feed ingredient source known for quality and consistency, produced in the ethanol process by industry leader POET.

In addition to excellent nutritional qualities, Dakota Gold CCDS is a highly palatable, economical liquid feed ingredient predominantly used in ruminant diets. Commonly mixed in TMR’s or blended with low quality forages, it provides a unique blend of highly digestible protein, energy and key minerals. A highly attractive, economical liquid feed ingredient paying dividends in animal performance and ration cost.

Find your nearest sales manager and see what a difference Dakota Gold can make to your operation.