No Bake
Wet Cake

Let Them Eat
Wet Cake!

Higher Performance

POET’s patented no bake process makes our wet cakes 32% more digestable.

No Worries

POET’s network ensures a consistent product and guaranteed supply – every time.

It’s Easy!

Buy direct with one call! You can pick up or we’ll deliver.

Distillers Wet Grain

POET Dakota Gold Distillers Wet Grains (DWG) feature uniform particle size, high palatability and nutrient value proven to maximize feed utilization and performance. Our wet cake is therefore an excellent solution for ruminant operations within truck delivery areas.

Wetter is Better

POET Dakota Gold Distillers Wet Grain (DWG) offers several benefits you’ll love—and so will your cows. Supplementing your cattle’s corn-based diet with Distillers Wet Grain is an ideal way to provide a well-rounded nutritional base while reducing your feed costs.

Wild for Wet Cake

POET Dakota Gold’s nutritious “no bake wet cake” Distillers Wet Grain is a local favorite (just ask your cows). Because the grain isn’t dried or over-processed, the extra moisture helps feed rations stick together and locks in layers of flavor, creating a desirable “wet cake” that will drive your herd wild.

Buy it Local

Get nutritious “wet cake” Distillers Wet Grain delivered to your door or pick it up directly from your local POET bioprocessing plant. Buying direct saves you money AND allows you to easily manage your wet grain needs without worrying about waste.

Buy Direct & Save

at your local POET bioprocessing plant